Schedule Posted, New Rules in effect as season starts Sept. 7

NWRGSL schedules for the first two weeks of the season have been posted. Locations and matchups for weeks 3 through 6 are also available. Exact game times for weeks three through 6 will be published once Duke City Soccer League finalizes the remainder of its schedule.

There are several rule changes that have come down from FIFA that we want to make sure are enforced correctly. US Youth Soccer and NWRGSL have decided to adopt all of those rules into the youth game. They include the following:

1.     SUBSTITUTIONS: From now on players subbing off should leave the field at the closest touch or goal line. They do not have to go to mid field. Please instruct the coaches and players to leave the field at the closest line. You can call the substitution on when the substituted player is off the field

2.     GOAL KICKS: The team defending the goal kick can now enter the penalty area the moment the ball is touched or kicked. They no longer have to wait for the ball to exit the penalty area before they can enter the penalty area. The team kicking the goal kick is allowed to kick the ball to another player inside the penalty area. AS FOR THE U10 GAME. Build out line rule still applies. Now, players can cross the build outline the moment the ball is touched. They do not have to wait for it to leave the penalty area.

3.     DROP KICKS: If the ball his the referee and the team possessing it loses possession, the official is supposed to drop the ball to the team that originally had it before it hit the referee. Also, if there is an injury and play is stopped, the referee is supposed to drop the ball to the team that possessed it.

4.     DIRECT FREE KICKS: If the keeper lines up three or more defensive players to form a wall, the attacking team can not have a player near the wall.