All Northwest Rio Grande Soccer League officials are certified with the U.S. Soccer Federation. Referees are paid cash on the field after each game. Payments very based on the age of the players. Referees can self-assign their games with league approval through the referee assignment system. If you are interested in being a referee and want to get certified, please visit the New Mexico Soccer Referee Association by clicking  HERE. If you are already certified and do not have a login to our system, please click the link below to request a profile. We will verify that you are a certified official and approve your login within 24 hours.

Instructions to become a Referee

Click HERE to be taken to the NMSRA instructions to become a ref

Referee Assignment System

Click HERE to access the referee schedule system.

Referee Availability Form

Click HERE to fill out an Availability Form

Status of Referee Points

Visit the Ref Schedule by Clicking HERE select the team under “team credited” to get a list of the games that were credited to the team.


Click HERE for the NWRGSL Rule Modifications


  1. Refs should be there 15 minutes prior to game time.
  2. All home teams must have a designated person who can serve as an emergency referee in the event there is no league official at the match.
  3. All players must be checked in prior to game and must have a player card. They have to be wearing shin guards on the inside of their socks, no jewelry, same uniform color as their teammates and a unique number
  4. At the conclusion of the match, the referee will report to the field march that they completed the match and initial their schedule in order to receive compensation
  5. Referees must complete a match report within 48 hours after the conclusion of the match through the referee schedule system.


U6 = $14



U12=$20 (no ARs)

U13+=$28 (no ARs)